Home Décor, Winter Comes Alive Blogged by: Highpoint 19 Jun 2019

Home Décor - how to update your home with simple pops of colour

When winter hits, we tend to spend more time at home, rugged up and cosy. However, spending so much time in your nest might make you start looking around and wondering what updates you can make.
What’s on trend in home décor now?
  • Indoor plants - alive or faux, indoor plants are an easy way to bring the outdoors in and liven up a space. Plants have been proven to improve productivity and boost your mood.
  • Colour pops - Primary colours and gold/citrus tones are in! When the sunshine hides outside, bring it inside with your décor!
  • A feminine touch - Florals and feminine tones are no longer for grannies. Dashes of soft bink, blush and lilac with soft and varied textures are our weakness this winter.
Here are some simple, affordable and on trend ways to bring some colour into your home this winter; room by room.
The easiest update to make in the bedroom is with your soft furnishings. An update to your duvet, cushions and throws will make an instant change in the energy of your bedroom.
If you are like us, you’d be loving kitchens of the rich and famous like Khloe Kardashian and Lauren Conrad. Kitchen organisation is a huge décor trend, but don’t stop there. Some kitchen accessories can be easily updated. Tea towels, pot holders, cooking accessories, utensil holders and more.
Living Room
The living area is often the one we spend the most time in as a family or entertaining. But it doesn’t have to be stressful to decorate or update. Stores these days make it easy and affordable to stay up to date and on trend with your home décor. Simply update your lampshades, your cushions, add some plants, some new art or even a colourful rug or feature chair.
Dining Room
Accents are easy to add to your dining room. Be it new chairs, an updated tablescape (table runner, table centrepiece), or a statement piece of artwork or mirror on the wall, you’ll have a new look in no time. One key current trend is a bar cart. Show off your various bottles, statement glassware and gold accessories for statement flair. 
Plants plants plants! Green is a most welcome colour to a bathroom (and the little guys love a well lit space). Coloured and patterned towels and mats make a stunning addition that can change the dynamic of your bathroom immediately. You can change your look from week to week!
It’s important to create a workspace that helps you remain focused and calm. Simple desk decor, some gorgeous frames to showcase happy memories and peaceful art can make a tranquil space. Most important to the study is light. Lighting can greatly impact not only your productivity, but also your eyesight.

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Before any update, it’s always a good idea to have a purge! Marie Kondo your way to a clutter free base to decorate. See our article about how to Declutter Your Home, Marie Kondo Style

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