Fashion, Mother's Day, Motherhood Blogged by: Highpoint 05 May 2021

A Moment on Motherhood with Carla Rodan

We spent the day with mother-of-four, founder of Styling the Tribe and friend of Highpoint, Carla Rodan, to chat all things motherhood.

Carla shares how she's grown as a mother, what she's learnt from her boys and how she finds time for herself.

Carla Rodan

Coat by Saba from David Jones | Bag by Mimco from David Jones

What do you love most about being a mother?

Being a mother is the most fun, fulfilling and all encompassing role I've ever held! My boys inject so much joy, laughter and energy into my days, I honestly couldn't imagine life without them. I love the unpredictability of motherhood, the challenges and successes and having front row seats to all their accomplishments. It's incredibly rewarding to watch your child grow and develop into happy, confident people and share a unique and unbreakable bond. Motherhood has given me a greater sense of purpose and encourages me to be the very best version of myself.

Rustica on Level 3

What does your dream Mother's Day look like?

Anything and anywhere that involves my boys! Our Mother's Day morning generally begins with a warm-ish breakfast and coffee in bed, followed by lots of cuddles. Then there's the very eager and excited presentation of homemade gifts, handwritten cards and 'outsourced' goodies. After being spoiled, we head out to the children's sporting commitments. This Sunday I'll be standing on the boundary line, in my thermals, cheering on my boys in their junior football games for the mighty Aberfeldie FC. Sport is a passion I share with my boys, so it's a very fitting way to spend my special day. Nothing makes me prouder than watching my boys do what they love.

Oscar Oscar Salons on Level 3

What have you learnt about yourself through motherhood?

Motherhood really is a huge learning curve that never seems to plateau! As soon as you think you've mastered motherhood, it changes! I've learned so much about myself, my upbringing, my personality traits and what makes me tick over the past 13 years. Motherhood has taught me to slow down and truly be present in the moment. It's changed my perspective on many things and taught me the importance of time - and how to prioritise it. It's also taught me to be brave, take risks and try things outside my comfort zone. Motherhood reminds me that happiness is more important than perfection and encourages me to 'take it easy' on myself. I've really learned so much from my boys and feel extremely privileged to be doing life alongside them.    

What is the most rewarding part about raising your sons?

The most rewarding part of raising sons is watching them grow physically, socially and emotionally into well rounded, respectful young men. Nothing provides me more joy than witnessing an act of kindness, caring brotherly moments, or their eyes light up when their minds new connections. I feel as proud as punch when my sons speak up against injustice, make choices with integrity and have courage to live authentically. Childhood is so fleeting and precious, I just want to be present and do all I can to best prepare my boys to live a happy and healthy life.
Coat by Saba from David Jones | Bag by Mimco from David Jones

What does making time for yourself look like as a mother?

It really is the little things. A Sunday night face mask, a hot latte, a good book or sneaky shopping trip to Highpoint (completely alone!) As much as I adore my boys, I still need some time out to recharge the batteries once in a while!

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