Christmas Decorations, This is how we Christmas Blogged by: Highpoint 11 Nov 2019

Easy ways to style your home this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner and Christmas treats already in a lot of our favourite shops, at Highpoint we thought we would help you get into the festive spirit with some easy tips on styling your home.
Whether you are a busy little elf every year spreading the Christmas spirit, or you are looking to venture into the world of tinsel and baubles for the first time… don’t stress! We’ve got you covered. With everything else going on this silly season, we guarantee these ideas will get you into the spirit without any fuss!
One of the biggest questions would-be decorators have is when to get started! Whether you are Kenny Keen Beans who puts up the tree the day after Halloween, or Careful Carol who waits until 12 days before Christmas… don’t fear! While there’s a lot of different opinions out there on when is the correct time to decorate, turns out we can be flexible. In fact, experts say that Australian Christmas traditions largely depend on the rules that we grew up with. Whether you decide to decorate on the 1st of December or 12 days before Christmas, feel free to make your own tradition with your family!
Are you a Christmas decorations traditionalist? Perhaps 2019 is the year to mix it up!  Trends this year include nature, colours such as deep blues or pretty pastels, playing with patterns and integrating lots of warm, golden light. Trends aside, the best thing about Christmas is that you can play it your way… you can decorate with an eclectic mix of Christmas decorations from the past, or you can set a new creative direction and go for it!
This year, a big trend for decorations is nature; so, think about complementing your normal tinsel and baubles with pinecones, leaves and branches. Perhaps get the kids involved on a forage near you to find some pinecones and paint them gold! If you are taking a more natural approach this year, why not try making a twig wreath? The beauty is they don’t have to look perfect… we actually prefer “perfectly undone”!
Getting in the Christmas spirit doesn’t have to break the bank! If you want to purchase decorations, looks for multipacks of small baubles as opposed to buying individual ornaments for your tree. This will help you fill out your tree… without breaking the bank.  If you don’t have the space or money to invest in a tree, don’t be afraid to mix things up with a non-traditional tree. Why not try a hanging Christmas tree (check them out on Pinterest for inspo).  Also, simple things like coloured napkins and table settings are an easy way to make your house look festive. Sometimes little touches can have a huge impact!
Why not make your own advent calendar with the kids? Making an advent calendar can be as easy as saving up used toilet paper rolls, wrapping them with bright Christmas paper and finishing them with twine and a little number for each day. Then you can put wrapped sweets or a little treat inside each roll!  Or you could hit up your local craft store for mini envelopes, decorating them and attaching to a cork board. Again, don’t be afraid to use your imagination… or seek inspiration from Pinterest!
Much like the right time to start decorating, this is really up to you… but tradition here states that the decorations should come down by the 6th of January.
Whatever theme, rules or traditions you follow, don’t forget to have fun! Christmas is a time to spend with our nearest and dearest, so style as you please and enjoy this special time.
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