Blogged by: Highpoint Shopping Centre 27 Nov 2020

Sally Flower Wants You To Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe Again

As a KonMari consultant I see the inside of a lot of wardrobes. Often, a wardrobe can often be seen as a place to simply store clothes, but I see them as a whole lot more than that. With a little effort and thought, a wardrobe which simply stores clothes can be elevated to a wardrobe that makes you feel excited to get dressed each and every morning.

And let’s be honest – the real triumph of a wardrobe declutter is the After Effect… by removing pieces which don’t make you feel good, you create space for new pieces that spark joy! With the sales period just around the corner, I’m here to help you tidy-up so you can see what is missing and mindfully take advantage of discounted staples rather than rushing out and purchasing things that aren’t going to make you fall back in love with your wardrobe.
What sparks joy for you?
In the week leading up to your wardrobe declutter take notice of what you most like wearing. What do you automatically reach for? What sparks a twinkle of confidence? What feels most like you?

Dedicate some time to finding your ‘why’, or your vision for your ideal wardrobe. This is less about individual pieces, and more about how you want your clothes to serve you…. Do you want to be able to dress quickly in the morning? Mix and match? Iron less? Feel more comfortable in your body? Whatever it is, jot it down.
Empty your wardrobe
Take everything out and pile it onto your bed. And I mean everything - you should be able to see the back and floor of the wardrobe. Save time by leaving clothes on the hanger.

Do a quick run about the house collecting any other clothes that might be hiding elsewhere - and pile them on the heap too.

There is a lightness that comes from emptying a wardrobe, but it can feel overwhelming at this step – I promise it’s worth it to keep going! If it’s feeling bigger than Ben Hur, I recommend taking a break – whether it be making a cup of tea or going for a walk around the block. Come back with a positive mindset.
Create happy vibes. Turn on some music, open a window, and grab a coffee – we’re in the depths of decluttering so make sure you’re actively doing things that will lighten your mood.

Prepare. Find a couple of bags, baskets, or boxes; one for donations, and one for clothes that are too worn out to be donated. Older pieces which are torn stained with pasta sauce, or worn can be donated to a textile recycler in your area. A quick Google will help you find the nearest one.

Sort everything into categories: To help your brain make quicker, more accurate decisions and to get through this part a little faster, sort your clothes into categories such as tops, pants and shorts, skirts and dresses, exercise gear, outerwear, pyjamas, etc. Shoes and bags should each have their own category too.

Find joy: Contrary to what you might think about decluttering, this process is not just about discarding, but about finding joy and identifying things you want to keep in your life. Move through each category asking yourself ‘does this item spark joy and align with my why?’. If yes, return it to your wardrobe. If not, let it go and make more space for clothes that do bring you joy.
Notice what you’re missing

Once you’ve finished, take a step back and see your wardrobe with fresh eyes. By now it should feel completely revitalised and should contain only those items that spark joy for you. Congratulations!

Since you’ve removed worn out pieces and items that don’t make you feel good, you’ll probably notice a few gaps in your wardrobe. Make a mental note of what’s missing so you can shop for them intentionally.
Change the way you shop

Reinventing your wardrobe doesn't stop once everything is neatly back up on the hanger, it also changes the way you shop for new pieces. Every item you add to your wardrobe should align with your style and your why.

Having decluttered your wardrobe, you now have a clear idea of the items you need - take your list with you so you can shop with purpose. We are coming up to Black Friday; one of the biggest sales events in Australia. Shopping over this period can feel overwhelming with the mix of sales and offers vying for your attention. Try to stay focused on filling the gaps you’ve identified, and hone in on the pieces that spark joy. Sometimes these pieces aren’t even on sale, but if you feel good in it and really love it you’ll reach for it often – in short, you’ll get more bang for your buck. And what’s not to love about that?

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