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Your Lunar New Year Food Guide

Dumplings Plus

Friday the 12th of February marks the beginning of Lunar New Year and to celebrate, we've wrapped up the ultimate food guide for your visit to Highpoint.

From delish dumplings to delectable noodles, these Highpoint foodie destinations include some of the ✨ luckiest ✨ foods to bring you all the good fortune for the year ahead! 

• Roti Road •

Roti Road is one of the West's best kept secrets! Treat yourself to a celebration of the best traditional Malaysian food, infused with Chinese flavours.

❗ PSA ❗ the Roti Canai and Satay Chicken are some of the best we've tasted - try them yourself at Roti Road on Level 1, near Strike Bowling. 

Roti Road


Known amongst locals as the 👑 queen 👑 of pan-fried pork dumplings, Dumplings Plus is the ultimate destination to satisfy all your Yum Cha hopes and dreams!

Fun fact: When it comes to dumpling consumption, the more, the better - the amount of dumplings you eat during the Lunar New Year festival will predict the amount of money you'll make in the coming year... It's a win win, really!

Dine at Dumplings Plus on Level 1, near JB Hi-Fi or on Level 2, near Woolworths.



Ajisen Ramen is home to the most traditional tasting Tonkotsu base Ramen and their secret is all in the soup! Filled with collagen and delicious flavours, your buds will be bowled over by their ramen.

Indulge in a bowl of soul-warming 🍜 noodles 🍜 over Lunar New Year - they symbolise a wish for longevity!

Visit Ajisen Ramen on Level 1, near JB Hi-Fi.

• sushi hub •

Fish is considered to be one of the luckiest foods for the New Year and conveniently, Sushi Hub have the most delicious 🍣 sashimi 🍣 we've tasted! 

Sushi Hub is bonded by it's love of classic sushi and subsequently, their menu bursts with flavour. Try their maki rolls, inari, nigiri or our personal fave, their signature salmon sandwich.

Treat yourself to Sushi Hub on Level 2, near The Coffee Club.

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