Kids, Back to School Blogged by: Highpoint 14 Jan 2019

Back to School - it's in the bag!

Getting the kids ready to go back to school?

We’ve got all the back to school essentials at Highpoint from shoes, to uniforms, backpacks, stationary and lunchboxes . Help your little one get excited by involving them in the shopping process. Ask them to help you create the list of things they need, and make sure you check with your school for any requirements.

Make sure your child has a great start to the year by sending them to school with the right bag.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a backpack:

  • Is it the right size? Make sure the bag can fit books, laptop, lunch, spare clothes if required.

  • Is there a water bottle holder on the outside? You’ll want this if your drink bottles have a habit of spilling.

  • Is it well made? Make sure you invest in a quality bag if you want it to last the year.

  • Does your school have a policy around types of bags allowed?

  • Does your child love it? They’ll be carrying it all year so it’ll help keep them excited if they love how it looks! 


Whether you're buying for function or style there are a huge range of backpacks available to choose from. Here are some of our picks.

Target at Highpoint has all your back to school needs covered, including school uniforms, school sportswear, school shoes, as well as backpacks, stationery and more!

They have a fantastic range of backpacks, ranging from licenced character backpacks to fun designs like the below:

Target - Butterfly Canvas Backpack - $15

Target - Basic Backpack - $10

Target - 3D Dinosaur Backpack - $12


Big W
Head to Big W at Highpoint for all your back to school essentials including school bags, lunch boxes, stationery, notebooks, school uniforms, shoes, technology & much more.

Big W have a great range of cool bags that are sure to delight, including these:

Big W - Hopscotch Abigail Unicorn Backpack - $10

Big W - Marvel Backpack & Lunch Bag Set - $25

Big W - Swiss Alps Urban Tech Backpack - $30

Smiggle at Highpoint has wide range of fun and colourful kids back to school supplies including kids school bags, pencil cases, stationary, drink bottles, lunch boxes and more!

Check out these cool backpacks from Smiggle - perfect for school, sport or daycare.

Smiggle - Hoodie Junior Character Backpack

Smiggle - Junior Character Cat Rocket Backpack $49.95

Smiggle - Fresh Backpack - $59.95

Cotton On Kids
Cotton On Kids at Highpoint has got back to school and kindy covered, with all the essentials including kids stationery, backpacks, lunchboxes, pens, pencil cases, textas and much more!

Check out some of our favourite backpacks from Cotton On Kids:

Cotton On Kids - Unicorn Backpack $24.99

Cotton On Kids - Backpack $24.99

Cotton On Kids - Personalised Sunny Buddy Backpack $39.99
Head to Highpoint for all your back to school essentials!

All prices are correct at time of publishing, but are subject to change. Check individual retailers for specific stock levels, varieties, and prices.

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