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Christmas Crafts For Kids
Blogged by: Highpoint 20 Dec 2017 View comments
In our home it’s not Christmas unless we have made all the craft! No matter the age of your kids you can easily get them involved in these three simple craft ideas to add some festive cheer.

DIY christmas paper

DIY Wrapping Paper

Making your own wrapping paper needn’t be a messy job. Pick up some Christmas stamps, stickers or washi tape and decorate butchers paper or sheets from a sketch pad. It’s simple, fun and effective.
Target has a great range of Christmas stickers and stamps and for washi tape I found these rolls as a set at kikki.K.

christmas crackers

Homemade Christmas Crackers

Collect the empty rolls from toilet paper or paper towel as the base for your own Christmas Crackers. Cut sheets of wrapping paper to size (approximately 14cm x 25cm but this will vary depending on the size of the rolls you are using) Place the toilet roll on the long edge of the wrapping paper and roll until the ends meet. Secure with tab. Tie up one end with a piece of ribbon (about 15cm long) and then pop your goodies inside the Christmas Cracker. You can make your own jokes and gifts or buy little goodies like rubbers, hair clips or textas. Tie up the other end and then trim the ends of the ribbon.
You can also make these with cracker snaps, which you can purchase at craft stores. If you can’t find they will still be fine without, you just won’t get the same “pop” when you crack them open.

I purchased our wrapping paper from Target, ribbon from kikki.K and gifts from Smiggle. They have lots of little sets of rubbers and highlighters you can easily divide up for the kids.

christmas cane

Candy Cane Christmas Trees

These are such an easy class gift to dress up plain old candy canes. Flatten a cupcake case and then fold in half with the patterned/coloured side on the outside and then fold in half again. You should have a little triangle shape. Overlap the triangles (with the rounded edge facing down) and then glue them together. Attach them to the candy cane with a small piece of blu-tack or some glue.
Get your cupcake cases and Candy Canes from Target.

sara keli
Sara Keli is a mum of two and the Editor of Kid Magazine, a digital magazine full of inspiration, empowerment and resources for mums. She has also recently launched Mama’s Playground, a membership group for mums who want more from mum life. She loves to cook, craft, read and shop but mostly you will find her in the backyard enjoying the sunshine with her kids.

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