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Jeanswest Africa Collection
Blogged by: Highpoint Shopping Centre 21 Feb 2017 View comments
The new Jeanswest Africa Collection is a stunning range of ethical clothing, produced together with skilled artisans in Ghana. Jeanswest has partnered with Ethical Apparel Africa to produce this unique capsule collection using specialised fabric weaving techniques from Ghana, to promote a sustainable future for their communities.


The inspiration for the collection came from the traditional technique of ‘Kente’ which originates from Ghana. Kente is a handweaving technique, which uses traditional looms to create cloth from brightly coloured cotton. This skilled practice results in a fabric that is beautifully vibrant with a rich history and culture behind it.


The Africa Collection is based around bold blue African-inspired prints, crisp whites, and of course, the signature Kente cloth.

Our favourite piece from the collection? The Africa Kente Skirt, created from 3 strips of handwoven Kente cloth sewn together to make this striking piece.


Stylish and ethical too? Yes please.

The Africa Collection is available now at Jeanswest Highpoint, or you can explore the range online on the Jeanswest website. 


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