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Retailers Uncovered Blogged by: Highpoint Shopping Centre 17 Feb 2017 View comments
Kendall Jenner x Levi's 501
Blogged by: Highpoint Shopping Centre 17 Feb 2017 View comments
What’s our favourite thing about a new year?  The launch of new season collections waiting to freshen up our wardrobes!  At the top of our list for new year purchases are the new arrivals from Levi’s - primarily the new 501 Skinny recently spotted on our personal fashion icon, Kendall Jenner. 

It’s safe to say that Kendall is the next big thing in the supermodel world.  She has been making major waves on the runway but it’s her street style game that is ticking all our boxes. Jenner styled the only just released jeans with a loose fitting jumper and ankle high boots – we’ll be taking a page out of our style book, thank you.

Levi’s new iteration of their most iconic cut is slightly cropped, high-waisted, and with a vintage edge – basically a shoe-in to be a staple piece in all of the IT girls wardrobes this season.

Models and the rest of us non-models can get their hands on a pair of 501's at Melbourne’s favourite jeanery, Levi’s at Highpoint Shopping Centre.


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