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Highpoint has made online shopping easier!
Blogged by: Highpoint 11 Jan 2017 View comments
Highpoint may be our favourite shopping centre for fashion, beauty or a dinner and movie date but we can’t get EVERYTHING we need there and that’s why ParcelPoint service is so great.

ParcelPoint is the new way for Australians to receive and return parcels, making online shopping easy and reliable. We’ve all ordered something online and then found that dreaded calling card in our letterbox, requiring a long queue at the post office to retrieve our parcel. Now you can order online and collect your parcel after work or on weekends and never have to worry about the security or safety of your parcel.

So what kind of things can you order and pick up at Highpoint? A new outfit from Cotton On to match those new Vans you got from Hype? Or a costume for that 90's themed 21st you have this weekend?  You can order and pick up from over 190 major online retailers at our ParcelPoint location.

Have you ordered an ASOS top that doesn't fit or received a Christmas gift you don't really like? You can return them at Highpoint too! It's as easy as jumping onto ParcelPoint, completing the forms and dropping your return at Highpoint's Customer Service desk. 

So what are you waiting for!? Start ordering for safe delivery and easy pickup today!



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