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Joyce, The Chic Cyclist
Blogged by: Highpoint 04 Jan 2018 View comments

Joyce Watts can confirm: You can't put a price on satisfaction

In the midst of a career as a corporate lawyer, Joyce Watts received a birthday present that would completely change her perspective on life.. a bicycle.

“I hadn’t ridden one since I was about fifteen and I’ve never been off one since, I really discovered the love of it”.

Never one to do things by halves, Joyce quickly combined her passion for bikes, art and kids into a career. She launched online bike store Cycle Style, and created Wheelie Good Fun, a series of bike themed family events and activities.

"I always say to my friends as a corporate lawyer I would earn ten times more financially, but the satisfaction I get from doing this is so much greater that it’s not measurable. I get a massive buzz out of doing it. It's fun and engaging, and ticks all the boxes for me". 

Life In Colour Joyce Highpoint

If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy Joyce loves cycling her way around Melbourne, discovering her favourite family events and activities and sharing them on her blog, Tot Hot Or Not.

Life In Colour Highpoint Joyce Watts

"My blog started as a personal diary for my family, but I soon realised it inspired other families to explore beyond what they already know. The events side of things started as an accident - I've always loved experimenting with my children, and I think it's really important that children have no creative boundaries and they see things in a whole different way than adults do. I use a lot of recycled materials and I’m amazed by the things kids create out of rubbish!". 

Life In Colour Highpoint Joyce Watts

After living in various parts of Melbourne, it made sense to Joyce that the West was the place to raise her family, work, and live. 

"I find the community here is so tight-knit, there's lots of commonality to me as a young family. The West accepts people into the community while acknowledging the history and heritage of the area. It's full of people in the same life stage, and the council here are quite open-minded about arts and doing things for families". 

Life In Colour Highpoint Joyce Watts

That same tight-knit community is a sea of familiar faces that Joyce enjoys getting to know. 

"I like knowing my neighbours and being friends with them. Often people come up to me at an event or in the supermarket and ask "Are you Joyce? I’ve been to one of your events" they say… it’s like a little village almost that is ever-changing, exciting and cosmopolitan". 

Life In Colour Highpoint Joyce Watts

With so much creativity in her life, it's not hard for Joyce to live Life In Colour. 

"I love the idea of introducing people to seeing what’s around them in greater colour. I’d like to think that the various bits of work that I do bring colour into peoples lives. The rewards back from it are incredible". 

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