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Movie Review | X-Men: Apocalypse
Blogged by: Highpoint 23 May 2016 View comments
The latest in the X-Men series stars stunning Jennifer Lawerence, Sophie Turner, Olivia Mumm and the men aren’t too shabby either (James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender…yes please!)  Read on for our review and the mot s recent trailer…

Worshiped as a god since the start of civilization, the immortal Apocalypse (played by Oscar Issac) becomes the first and most powerful mutant.  After ruling ancient Greece he was trapped under his own pyramid for centuries.  He returns in the ‘80s at the height of the Cold War and recruits disheartened Magneto (Fassbender) and other mutants to start a new world over.  Only the X-Men are left to fight and save the Earth.  Professor X (McAvoy), Mystique (Lawrence) lead the team to save mankind.

Comic fans will love it – great characters, tonnes of drama with Evan Peters’ Quicksilver stealing the movie.  Summary: Although it’s set in the 80’s – no cheesiness applies and we are keen to see more of these younger X-Men!

Check out session times at Hoyts Highpoint (out now!) and watch the trailer below!



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