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So Hot Right Meow
Blogged by: Highpoint 03 May 2016 View comments
A cat’s eye and soft lip is a very feminine, sexy and (hence the name) feline make-up look. When applied with precision, a cat’s eye flick can extend and elongate the shape of the eye, and hence creating the illusion of bigger eyes. It is a quite strong look, and can easily go wrong (as I have found out in a mad panic whilst rushing to do my make-up before a night out!).

Give yourself enough time to prepare, and make sure you try a few test runs prior to a wearing the look to a special occasion. The key to perfecting a cat’s eye is having the right tools. It can be a matter of personal preference, but for me I prefer an angled, thicker style eyeliner pen. They allow you to easily angle and manoeuvre the brush, making control over how thick you want the line a lot easier than with a softer brush.
I often find it’s better to have your face base make-up done first, so you don’t smudge it whilst doing the eye. Make to sure to first have a creamy concealer base on the eye to cover any darkness or red areas, then follow with a light covering of pressed powder to hold it in place.
Starting from your inner eye lid, begin drawing a line as close to your lashes as possible. This line determines the width of your eye liner- to create a dramatic look make it thick, or thinner for a more subtle effect.

Draw outwards, to the end of your eye lid. From this point, draw a line outwards and slightly upwards. This has created the point of the cat’s eye. From here you can use the pen to draw another line on top of this point, creating an almost triangular shape. Fill this in and there you have your cat’s eye. Finish off the look with thick mascara up the top, and just a fine covering on the bottom lashes. For added drama you can attach a couple of individual lashes to the corner of your eye to accentuate the cat’s eye.

Personally if the eye make-up is quite heavy or detailed, I prefer a lighter, more natural colour on the lip so as not to look too overdone. Soft pinks and neutral peaches are my preference, but dependant on your skin colour see what works best for you. A clear gloss is also an option for a more pared back look.

Get the look:
Dior Art Pen Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner, $59
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, $46, Mecca
Nars Steven Klein Tear Jerker Eye set, $58, Mecca
Too Faced ‘Bullet Proof’ eyeliner, $35, Mecca
Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rebel Khol’ $62
Yves Saint Laurent Eye Primer, $49
Napoleon Perdis lashes, $20, Myer
Laura Mercier ‘Extra Lash’ mascara, $26, David Jones
Yves Saint Laurent eye pen, $48, David Jones


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