Architects of Beauty

Bright Young Things Blogged by: Highpoint 08 Sep 2016 View comments
The Best Of Beauty
Blogged by: Highpoint 08 Sep 2016 View comments
In May, the biggest names in beauty came together for Highpoint's inaugural innovation event series, Architects of Beauty. Consisting of 15 different industy-led masterclasses, the program was designed to educate and inspire in the domains of makeup, skincare and fragrance.

The premiere event of the series saw beauty industry thought leaders share their insights and inspiration in Behind the Blush, an exclusive panel discussion featuring Milk & Co. founder Lindy Klim, actress Jodi Anasta, blogger Nadia Bartel and FRANK Body founders Erika Geraerts and Jess Hatzis.

Official makeup artist for CHANEL Australia, Victoria Baron joined the line up to host an exclusive masterclass, in addition to workshops from our leading beauty retailers including Dior, MAC, Lush & YSL.

Held in a custom-built installation of over 800 orchids hanging from a dome dtructure, tickets to classes were snapped up at a record rate, with extra classes being added to cope with demand. 

Architects of Beauty


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