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Meet The Christofe Family
Blogged by: Highpoint 03 Nov 2017 View comments

In a place as big as Highpoint, it's nice to find a familiar face at Gourmet Deli House, run by the Christofe family.

"In the West we get every different customer. They are more than willing to have a conversation with you… they want to know that we are a family business and take comfort in that. Mum’s the customer service relations officer, she loves to talk with everyone; people leave the Deli happy and with a smile".

Life In Colour Gourmet Deli House

Having been a part of Highpoint for the last 4 years, the family's priorities are simple - quality, customer service, and passion.

"Mum's very much a perfectionist, she wouldn't sell anything to anyone that she wouldn't eat herself. Our goal is to offer everyone a homemade difference, to pass on to customers what we would cook at home".

Life In Colour Christofe Family Highpoint

The biggest life lesson they've learned so far?

"I think the biggest thing is realising how important family is, everyone has different qualities that are fed into the business, we all compliment each other. Our proudest moment was having all the kids working for the deli; we're sticking together".

Life In Colour Highpoint Gourmet Deli House

That doesn't mean it's always easy though.

"The best is about working together is probably being with the family and the worst is probably being with the family. We all have pros and cons but more pros!"

Life In Colour Highpoint Gourmet Deli House

It's not surprising to hear that Christmas is all about family for the Christofes.

"We all meet together for dinner, it’s big BBQ where everybody brings a plate, we make a big feast of it. There’s not one part of the day that you’re not surrounded by family. Whether you’re going to visit someone or they’re coming over, family is always there. ".

Life In Colour Highpoint Gourmet Deli House

It's that same family spirit that draws them to the West and its community.

"The West is a very family oriented area. Everybody sticks together, everybody is aiming for the same thing, everyone's willing to help. People are more open and easier to get along with. The West is united!"

Meet the people who are influencing our corner of the city for the better, and follow the conversation on Instagram or Facebook for more of #HPLifeInColour


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