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Life In Colour Blogged by: Highpoint 21 Oct 2016 View comments
Tegan, the Optimistic Artist
Blogged by: Highpoint 21 Oct 2016 View comments
You’ve got to love the eclectic West - it’s the very epitome of individual style.
That natural mesh of different cultures and communities living side by side, and inevitably influencing each other, is responsible for creating something new and good and a bit unexpected.
We’re proud to be a part of this diverse, creative community that refuses to be driven by trends. And because of that, we want to share the stories of some of the people we’ve met along the way.
Let us introduce you to Tegan Iversen – artist, optimist and champion of colour and quirk.

Tegan | Life In Colour | Highpoint
Tegan’s home, which is also the space she works in, is a pirate’s treasure trove of inspiration. Not a collector of anything in particular, she’s a collector of everything – knick knacks and ornaments and artwork and pop culture artifacts. 
Her art is her happy place, and in an environment like this it’s easy to see why.

Tegan | Life In Colour | Highpoint
The everyday nature of the things she illustrates is one of the most endearing traits of her art. Potatoes, cardigans, a single Tiny Teddy – familiar and comforting and real.
“The kind of art I make - I’m inspired by what I see, and what’s around me. I’ll walk around the neighborhood, take photos of what I see, and that will become the inspiration for my art.”
Tegan’s artwork pulls those things away from their commonplace beginnings and catapults them into a context where they become bright and poppy and full of a quiet energy.

Tegan | Life In Colour | Highpoint
A little like Tegan herself, to be honest. Seemingly quiet and unassuming, it becomes increasingly evident that she has a unique way of reading the world around her. Colour seems to be integral to that perspective, and her style (obviously) is bold and quirky.
“If the west were a colour it would be something warm, like a pink. I feel comfortable here, but it has an energy about it’.
Having grown up in the West with a penchant for art and drawing, Tegan found herself at the VCA, and over the last few years has been taking her art from strength to strength. 

Tegan | Life In Colour | Highpoint
2016 has already seen Tegan launch her first solo exhibition - Fave Foods - as well as issue #4 of FEMSzine, an ongoing project with some likeminded female artist pals. One of her major collaborations was with fashion label Eat Me Do, which saw her drawings adorning jackets and skirts all over the country. And there’s plenty more in the pipeline.
Hers is a bright, optimistic and irreverent attitude.
For Tegan, the West is a land of inspiration and opportunity. Not only a place that nurtured her creativity and her skill, but a place paying no attention to any cultural do’s and dont's that might say that a 23 year old can’t find success as an artist, or that inspiration can’t be found in your kitchen sink, on the footpath of a street in Essendon.

Tegan | Life In Colour | Highpoint
Learn more about the Life In Colour story and meet some of our neighbours who are influencing our corner of the city for the better.


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