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Introducing Forever New's Modern Muse
Blogged by: Highpoint 07 Oct 2016 View comments
Highpoint is excited to announce the face of Modern Muse, Forever New's Spring campaign - Montana Cox.

Forever New sat down with Montana for an exclusive spotlight:

The most rewarding moment this year was

Finding a good apartment in New York. One of the hardest things to find I assure you.

One of my career highlights so far has been

Working with Riccardo Tisci with my Givenchy exclusive. 

If I wasn’t modelling I would be

A chef! I love cooking, cleaning not so much.

My style influences are

Somewhere between Grace Kelly and Alexa Chung.

My go-to outfit is

Denim all day everyday with a white or black tee.

I would like to trade wardrobes with… 

I wouldn’t mind a little look through Daria Werbowys.

My favourite piece from the Forever New shoot was

The little navy and white striped off the shoulder dress is on my list for spring.

I am most inspired by

People, places, designs, sounds and the ocean.

To unwind after a big day, I like to

Getting into the kitchen relaxes me and also getting deep into the couch with a good series.

I couldn’t live without

My family and friends and also chilli flakes.

I feel most comfortable when

When I’m around sand sun and salt water.

The best advice I was ever given was

You can be the ripest, most juciest peach in the world but there will always be someone who hates peaches.

My guilty pleasure is….

Pasta in any shape or form and a nice glass of red wine!

Shop the new Spring collection now at Forever New Highpoint



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