‘Western Star' by Constanze Zikos – January 2014 (Level 3, Northern Mall)

Western Star Highpoint

Stars and banners appear as symbols, guides, and emblems in a diverse range of compositions, forging nations towards unity and understanding in a new meeting place. This artwork provokes a feeling within existing and future shoppers, nearby residents, visitors, retailers and staff, all seeking a potential assimilation in search of a new meeting place inspired by the conversation of art.

The Western Star is visually engaging both during the day and the night – chosen reflective mirror materials and colours reflect both natural and artificial lighting, creating different moods within different angles and designs.

The communities of Melbourne’s West, past and present, have offered a diverse range of cultural offerings and personalities in their own metamorphosis, and these colourful lifestyles, traditions, high-end fashions and modern architecture have inspired this work.