Feel Good Hub at Highpoint!

Have you seen our Feel Good Hub at the Level 2 Rebel Sport entrance?
The Feelgood Hub is a modern-day clothing drop-off hub designed to change perceptions around clothing reuse and recycling. 

The Feelgood Hub is the first of its kind in Australia, and represents a significant shift from the traditional metal clothing bins, with a focus on innovation in both aesthetics and technology. 100% of clothes collected is given a second life in local or global communities where they’re needed the most, and what can’t be reused is either recycled into rags or converted into biofuels. The big illuminated screens featured on the Feelgood Hub are designed to educate users about the importance of clothing reuse and recycling, and where their clothes go, and the clear glass doors allows users to see what’s inside. Highpoint Shopping Centre is the first shopping centre in Australia (and the world!) to host the Feelgood Hub, which is situated outside the Rebel Sport entrance on level 2.

Since November 2019 the Highpoint Feel Good Hub has collected over 507 kilograms of clothing. Let's break down what that equates to: 

Diversion from landfill: 100% 

Water Savings: 15,210,000 litres 
Equivalent to: Taking 76,050 baths OR drinking 30,420,000 x 500ml bottles of water 

Greenhouse Gase Savings: 33,462 kilograms 
Equivalent to: Taking 13 Victorian cars off the road for 12 months 

Electricity Savings: 10,084kWh
Equivalent to: Powering 560 Australian homes for 1 day

Next time you’re visiting make sure you bring a bag of preloved clothes :) 
Opening hours
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