Spring Beauty

Makeup artist Claire Thomson shares her tips to perfect your Spring Carnival look


In a time when individual beauty is celebrated more than ever, experiment with your beauty! Express yourself and your individuality with colour and creativity.

Colour Pop
A quick and easy way to add drama for spring racing is a classic lip, updated with a pop of colour! New textures in lipstick in all day formulas that don’t crack are the secret to this look. If you have a little more time liquid lipstick is all the rage! It does take more precision to apply from the tube as I find you still have to push it out to the corners. NARS lip crayons also come in colour pops that are amazing for those who love a pencil! To balance the lip brush your brows upwards and outwards. The eyes are neutral with a beige shadow over the entire lid from lash line to browbone. Shade the socket, slightly winging out to open the eye. Curl lashes and as many coats of mascara as you have time for. Set with a light dusting of translucent powder through the twine.

Deciding is up to you. There is a lot of information out there to investigate! I feel everyone should, just to inform themselves of exactly what goes on with the sun and your skin. Again everyone is different so a formulation that is great for your friend, may not be good for you! There are many different textures available now so if you’ve tried and given up, try again as there are so many new light formulas and natural options that do not “feel like sunscreen”. I encourage different sunscreens for different occasions. The one that you may wear to the beach, may not be good at work or under makeup. Select different levels for your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time in the water, select heavier options. If you applying makeup after make sure it is compatible with that. Some formulas don’t mix well and kind of peel off your face! Again experiment, and preferably when you are not in a rush!

Nail polish colours are so enticing! A new wave of amazing nail artists has emerged and desire for nail art is on the rise! All over the gram are inspiring artists making us want to express our individuality on our nails! Sometimes the greatest thing at the moment to colour clash your nails with your outfit! Think of it that way, rather than looking for a complimentary colour to what you are wearing. Colour popping that’s happening with makeup, is also happening on the nails. Oranges, blues, pastels all types of colours are trending!

Get Crafty
Who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle?! Glitter is no longer for the kids and or festivals. It's time to bring a bit a of pizzazz to your look! Whilst probably not acceptable at work, or the gym, glitter and sparkles are perfect for pretty much everything else! Stila, MAC, Fenty, so many brands are delivering easier ways to apply, with formulations that are much easier to remove! (If you know you MUST remove by the next day, invest in some medical tape from the chemist and spot remove any pieces that are being stubborn after using conventional micellar or cleanser, eye makeup remover. Brush your hair through and shake it a bit, glitter is notorious for hiding in hair and giving the game away!) Glitter is no longer just on the lids and cheekbones, lips and brows have been sparkling too!

Crystals are taking it the next step further. How many and where is up to the individual! Perhaps simply on the nails or feature nail, as an introduction? A lot of brands have released special sticky stones and stencils to make this super easy. But craft sections are also a good source, using eyelash glue to apply! This look does take patience but it is worth it! I place the crystals, shiny side up on a metal palette. Any flat surface will do! I use a crayon to gently press the crystal, with just enough pressure to pick it up and transfer to the eye. Apply a dot of eyelash glue, where you would like, give it a second to get slightly tacky and then place the crystal into the glue. This does take a little bit of practice but I find it’s the quickest way.
Everyone has a different eye shape! If you are looking for a reference, be sure to that into consideration. For any makeup references it’s always best to find someone with a similar eye shape OR just adapt it and make it your own individual statement!

Classic Beauty
In the midst of the madness, a classic red lip still never fails. If you are not one for exploring these trends, the classic diva starlet lip is never out of fashion. Keep this look modern with fresh dewy skin. Define the brows to balance the face. Again eye makeup is optional with a strong lip. Perhaps a base colour over the entire lid to suit your skin tone. This tidies and freshens the eye! Curl lashes and as many coats of mascara that fit the occasion!
A cheek of contour should be seamless. Bronze or flushed again, totally up to you, the individual!

Colour Blocking
Create alluring beauty using the same shade on your eyes, lips cheeks and even nails! A striking effect that can be as soft or vibrant as you choose. A great look for travel too! Your eyeshadow can also be your blush! Select the colour of your choice and the texture! There are a lot of products designed to be used on the eyes and cheeks and lips. Nude sticks, NARS, MAC so many brands have multi-use products. Cream or shadow can both be amazing. Remembering the rule; wet on wet and dry on dry! Never apply colour to a face without blotting or preferably adding powder first. You can blot with cream but powder will streak and purl on the skin, and having to start again! Use a dry sponge to blot any excess oil if needed. The colour can be quite close to the lashes on the eyes or blended up and outwards over the entire lid, slightly fading just before the brows. You can trace the lash line underneath also rimming the entire eye with colour!
Liner and mascara also optional depending on the shade you have chosen. The pastels look more ethereal and angelic with no liner and mascara! Use the same colour on your cheeks. If you have gone with a pink tone it is more on the apples of the cheeks, a bronze tone looks good on the cheekbone. But again make it your own! Rules are meant to be broken. Continue the theme on the lips! Again the texture and intensity can create different effects! Play! The great thing with makeup is you can take it off. Give yourself a bit more time, or have a practise run and enjoy getting ready and looking after yourself, it’s half the fun of going out after all!
Hope to see your sparkly eyes on the dance floor!
- Claire Thomson

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