Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) is both a place and a movement; an independent not for profit organisation, whose programs support and empower people seeking asylum to maximise their own physical, mental and social wellbeing, owned and run by a community of volunteers and supporters.

World Refugee Day Telethon

In its second year in 2017, the ASRC’s World Refugee Telethon hopes to raise $300,000, which will be used to provide 12,000 nights of shelter to hundreds of people seeking safety, 1,699 appointments for holistic mental health, and one year of food and groceries for 45 families seeking asylum. 

This year Highpoint rallied behind them, playing home to a pop up phone booth donation station and hosting a World Refugee Day Fundraising Lunch, harnessing and encouraging the community to give generously for this important cause. 

Highpoint ASRC Fundraiser Lunch


Foodbank is a free grocery store inside the ASRC Footscray centre that provides fresh food to people seeking asylum each week. Foodbank is about compassion in action - that is why 85% of all the $1 million worth of food donated each year is from people like you!

With support, the ASRC currently provides groceries to over 600 people every week, many of whom are children, and support to families who have no income at all. More than 90% of ASRC members who are food insecure, meaning they have no guaranteed regular meals. 

These are some practical ways you can help support families seeking asylum, who are living below the poverty line, such as donating food and goods, becoming an ongoing food sponsor, registering a food drive with your school, family, or community group and more. 

Find more info about and get involved in ASRC's Foodbank here

Women’s Empowerment

The WISE Women program supports women seeking asylum to realise their full potential through a range of professional development workshops and activities, including English language classes, education and training and other community-based activities to foster creativity and social engagement.

The ASRC's entrepreneurial female members can access the Women in Business program where they receive support to start up their own businesses. Many members are already accomplished professionals and an Australian qualification is an essential step to resuming their careers. 

The program also runs a nine-week Sisterhood Journey, a self-growth program run in partnership with MIND Australia and another similar program called SHINE, in partnership with Hope Inc. These programs provide a space for women to build their confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to discover who they are and the person they want to become.

Find out more about WISE Women here

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