Tommy Hilfiger announces the launch of the latest TOMMY JEANS collection of denim essentials that form the dress code of the new generation. The campaign portrays Classic American Cool through a TOMMY JEANS lens, spotlighting moments that celebrate the unifying threads of culture and style within a global circle of creatives defining youth culture.
Discover Stellest® Lenses for Children at OPSM​
Did you know myopia can emerge at a very young age? OPSM know how important it is to look out for vision problems early. Book an eye test for your child, so you can be best prepared for their vision needs and help them never miss a thing.​ Essilor® Stellest® lenses slow down myopia progression by 67% on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day¹​. Ask your Optometrist if this product is right for your child.​ ¹Two-year prospective, controlled, randomized, double-masked clinical trial results or 54 myopic children wearing Stellest®️ lenses compared to 50 myopic children wearing single vision lenses. Results based on 32 children who declared wearing Stellest®️ lenses at least 12 hours per day every day. Bao, J., Huang, Y., Li, X., Yang, A., Zhou, F., Wu, J., Wang, C., Li, Y., Lim, E.W., Spiegel, D.P., Drobe, B., Chen, H., 2022. Spectacle Lenses With Aspherical Lenslets for Myopia Control vs Single-Vision Spectacle Lenses: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Ophthalmol. 140(5), 472-478. See website for details.​
Fashion, Accessories
Introducing Coach 2024 Eyewear at OPSM
Find your new glasses from Coach eyewear. 
Fashion, Sustainability
The Pantone Color Institute teamed up with Zara to create a unique palette for Zara’s newest collection.
M.J. Bale | Brave The Cold: The Escapist
Winter pieces for the cold winter days and nights ahead: water-repellent winter coats, knits, jackets, gilets and chinos
New Collection
kikki.K's New May Collection
Whatever your style, whatever the weather, let our May Collection take you there.
Beauty & Health
A New Tonifying Body Care Collection With Artichoke!
Dive into L’Occitane’s latest body care collection, infused with the power of artichokes.
Health & Beauty
Hydrate Your Skin With The New Source Reotier Range!
Unlock the secrets to radiant, healthy skin with L’Occitane’s newest facecare range, Source Reotier.
Fresh Food
Enjoy this delicious high protein tuna crunch wrap for less than $10 per serve.
Fresh Food
This delicious and healthy meal for 4 comes in a less than $4 per serve.
Fresh Food
Cheese Potato Bread
Potato and cheese lovers rejoice! This viral Cheesy Potato Bread will be sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
Fresh Food
Bagel Board
Impress your invitees with this quick bagel board; the perfect appetiser for entertaining.
POLITIX: Autumn Winter, Stand For More
POLITIX: Autumn Winter, Stand For More
Come and discover the Best of Koko.
Discover new favourites at Koko Black – you won’t be disappointed.
New Offer - machi machi team up with Basquiat for limited edition collection
Get ready to experience an electrifying fusion of art and taste as the Basquiat x machi machi collaboration launches in Australia on May 31, 2024!
Mothers are Shifting Perspectives for their Daughters’ Futures
To celebrate Mother’s Day, now and until the end of 31 May, we welcome Mothers and Daughters to Brava stores for a professional bra fitting - 10% off each one’s purchase - and entry into a competition to win a free lingerie set.
EB Games & Zing Pop Culture: Winter Favourites Range Out Now!
Seasons change, but the cosiness stays the same at Zing Pop Culture with their Brand New and Zing Exclusive Winter Favourites!
Macula Awareness Month
OPSM understand how important it is to take good care of your eyes. Speak to the Optometrists at OPSM, who are there to support you on your eye health journey. Look after your eyes with regular eye tests and learn more about Macula Awareness Month.
Mother's Day, Hair & Beauty
Who doesn't love luscious, voluminous hair? But achieving that perfect volume can often be time-consuming and frustrating. If you haven't heard of Volumising clips, you don't want to miss this! Voluminising Clips are your secret weapon for effortlessly boosting your bounce!
Latest News
Daybeds have arrived at HOYTS Highpoint!
Watch your favourite movies from the comfort of your own Daybed!
Boost Juice - Açaí Royale
Naturally rich in antioxidants and lush in flavour, we've made three nourishing smoothies that embrace Açaí's luxury.
Soup is back!
Discover the delicious flavours of our new soup lineup for 2024, now available in stores! Warm up your day with our comforting options.
Mother's Day
Mothers of Tweens, Let’s Celebrate Mother’s Day Together.
Spoil mums of tweens with unforgettable experiences – from long-lunches, to beauty trips, and even paint and sips.
Mother's Day
Give the Gift of Quality Time This Mother’s Day
If you’re on the hunt for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas that will leave her feeling loved and appreciated this Sunday, May 12th.
Mother's Day
What The Mum of Toddlers in Your Life Really Wants for Mother’s Day
After surviving the years of tantrums and tears – the Mothers in your life enduring the toddler stage are likely looking for some adult interaction and time away from the chaos this Mother’s Day!
Mother's Day
Four Ways to Spoil a New Mum This Mother’s Day
If you’re on the hunt for the best Mother’s Day gifts to spoil a new mum, then look no further.
Mother's Day
Pomegranate and violet granita cocktail
Part cocktail, part dessert – this Pomegranate Vodka Violet Granita is the perfect cocktail to make mum this Mother’s Day.
Mother's Day
Ham and Cheese Croissant Bake
Elevate your brunch game this Mother’s Day with a croissant bake that is not only easy to prepare, but extremely tasty.
Mother's Day
Strawberry and Nutella French Toast Roll Ups
Spoil mum this Mother’s Day with this delectable breakfast treat that she will absolutely love.
We love parties even more than the next bloke. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering work parties that employees actually want to attend (staff retention – tick). We’ve got party packages to suit all bosses and budgets, view our selection of pre-made packages or tell us what you want and we’ll tailor it to you. From bowling, last tag, escape rooms and karaoke to our fully-equipped cocktail bar and gourmet kitchen slinging burgers and all-the-snacks, we’re the perfect place for UNboring team building.
Shop styles for the whole family this season both in store and online now!
Savour the season with Soul Origin soup
It’s that time of the year again when the unmistakable aroma of wholesome soups wafts through the air, inviting you to take pause and indulge in a piping-hot bowl of comfort. At Soul Origin, we're not just bringing back the classics; we're introducing a feast of new flavours to warm your body and soul. Our soup season is more than just about taste; it's about a culinary adventure that you can savour with every spoonful.
New, Mother's Day
T2 Tea: Mother's Day Collection 2024
This is our love letter to mothers and mentors everywhere. From fine bone china inspired by Australian natives to premium blends ready for indulgence, the limited-edition T2 Mother’s Day range is made to spoil those we wildly adore. Our Mother’s Day collection is filled with wildly loveable gifts.​
Krispy Kreme NEW Chocomania Range
NEW CHOCOMANIA! Made with a rich choc dough & topped with choc goodness, meet our chocolatiest creation yet!
New Arrivals, FASHION
Discover the New Collection: Metamorphosis
Celebrate the extravagance of Swarovski as we welcome the latest collection: Metamorphosis.
Enhance your lashes with Essential Beauty’s professional tinting and lifting services!
Enhance your lashes with Essential Beauty’s professional tinting and lifting services! Skip the eyelash curler and try a lash lift to give your lashes a curl that really lasts.
Why does Easter Chocolate Taste so Good?
As this year’s Easter weekend draws near, and there is one question that we all ask ourselves at some point Easter Chocolate just tastes so good?
Easter Activities
Celebrate Easter With Adult Children
At Highpoint we know one thing for sure – you’re never too old to be visited by the Easter Bunny! See our 5 tips to celebrate Easter with adult children.
Bailey Nelson Strong and Powerful collection
Introducing the Bailey Nelson Strong and Powerful collection designed by one of BN’s oldest and dearest team members, Meg Halfpapp.
M.J. Bale: Autumn 24 Launch
Coinciding with a financial recommitment to biodiversity preservation projects at our Kingston farm partner in Tasmania, M.J. Bale is pleased to introduce our new Autumn 2024 ‘Infinity’ collection. Heroes include new single-source Kingston wool tuxedos and suits, Made in Japan tailoring, limited edition woven-in-Italy blazers, and sharp updates to modern casuals. See in-store for more details.
Chocolate Easter Nests
Enjoy this Easter blast from the past with these super quick and easy chocolate nests - the perfect treat for the whole family.
Easter Chick Wafer Dips
Cooking with kids this Easter? Create these Easter Chick Wafer Dips in 6 simple steps.
No Bake Biscoff Easter Cheesecake
Create the ultimate Easter dessert with this no bake Biscoff Easter Egg Cheesecake.
Easter Sorbet Spritz
Yes way, sorbet. For those who love sorbet and fizz, it’s time to treat yourself to an Easter
Sorbet Spritz!
Happy New Year – Australian Open 2024
Our best finds for Australian Open
Wardrobe Staples
By now, many of you would have heard the term ‘quiet luxury’ being passed around fashion circles as the newest trend. Essentially, what this phrase is referring to is the shift away logomania which dominated the fashion scene for many seasons. The focus is now on building looks that appear effortlessly minimal. Think tonal dressing, elevated basics, clean lines and classic cuts
Spring 2023
It is with great delight that we welcome Spring into Highpoint and to celebrate, we have timely aligned our in centre mannequin refresh to mark the occasion, including the addition of 3 new mannequin pods which you can find located right outside Forever New on level 3.
Cold Salmon Sushi Bowl
Sushi bowls can be eaten hot or cold. In this case, we’ve gone for cold so its a fuss free meal prep option. This healthy idea is packed with flavour and full of nutrients including antioxidant superfoods such as salmon, avocado, cucumber and carrot. We’ve opted for brown rice for extra fibre and a sprinkle of sesame seeds which are an excellent source of mangnesium and calcium, both of which help your bones grow healthy and strong. 
If salmon isn’t for you, or you work in one of those “don’t bring fish into the office” environments, teriyaki chicken, tofu, or soy sauce marinated vegetables will be just as delicious. 
Homebake Breakfast Hack
Pancakes are a favorite in most households, however everyone has their own favourite toppings. With this one sheet pan pancake, you can choose as many toppings/combinations as you like. Think banana and chocolate, lotus biscoff, nutella and strawberries, or even just plain blueberries with a squeeze of lemon. This 20 minute recipe will ensure someone doesn’t have to stand in the kitchen flipping the pancakes while the earlier ones get cold. Instead, this hack will change the way you eat pancakes forever!  
We can’t wait to see your delicious creations. 
Pink Pasta (vego)
We saw this delicious recipe on the wishbone kitchen and had to make it ourselves. The garnish of feta cheese, chopped pistachios, and fresh mint really rounds out the root vegetable taste. It’s the perfect balance. This date night, meatless dish is under $15 and bound to impress anyone. The pistachios can be swapped for cashews or walnuts and if you aren’t a fan of mint then basil would work perfectly.  
The viral baked feta pasta has some competition on their hands… 
Mussels in a Spicy Tomato Sauce
Mussels in a spicy tomato sauce is an elegant seafood dish that tastes absolutely amazing. T
This is a very adaptable recipe so feel free to swap the chicken for beef, pork, lamb, salmon, prawns, mushrooms, tofu or crispy fried eggs!  
This plant based treat is the ultimate healthy soft serve to enjoy on a balmy Summers day!  
*Baking fish and chips in the oven is much easier and less messy than deep frying.
This tart recipe is a quick and easy 5 ingredients dessert.
Enjoy this recipe as a dip, a dressing for BBQ vegetables, with roast lamb or dolloped onto salads.
These banoffee overnight oats are a healthy spin on the classic British pie consisting of pastry, caramel, bananas, cream & chocolate shavings. They take less than 10 minutes to prepare and make a luxurious yet nutritious breakfast on busy mornings!  
This is a veryadaptable recipe so feelfreeto swap thechicken forbeef,pork,lamb,salmon,prawns,mushrooms,tofu orcrispy fried eggs!
This peach tart consist of delicate, flaky pastry with fresh yet rich flavours.
This plant based treat is the ultimate healthy soft serve to enjoy on a balmy Summers day!
One Pan Lasagna
This one pan lasagna is convenient, budget friendly and absolutely delicious.
One Pan Shakshuka
This 5 steps one pan Shakshuka recipe can be enjoyed at anytime of the day.  
Dorito Tacos
Your Taco recipe with an extra layer of crunch and flavouring. 
Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks
Your go-to 15 minute and budget friendly Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks recipe.
Juicy Pork Roast
This family-friendly meal is less than $20*, all it takes is some olive oil, salt, pepper, a little over an hour in the oven and you’ve got yourself a huge hit!
Nutella Toast Pies
Who doesn’t love Nutella? These toast pies are easy to make and easy to please.
Cauliflower Mac and Cheese with Burnt Butter

Feed the family for less than $20 with this twist on a traditional Mac & Cheese!

Pimped Up Minestrones with Ravioli

Who said the classics have to be boring? Pimp up everyone's favourite winter soup with a few pantry staples and voila! 

Pork, Fennel & Mozzarella Meatballs

What's the only thing better than a one-pan recipe? A one-pan recipe to feed the entire family for less than $20! Try these super easy, super cheesey meatballs. 

Roast tomato & burrata spaghetti
Don't let this simple recipe fool you! This five ingredient spaghetti is full of flavor and as easy as it is impressive. 
Pork and ginger wonton noodle soup
Healthy and hearty this flavorful wonton soup with quick chilli oil is the perfect winter warmer for less than $20!
Cauliflower salad with smashed chickpeas & tahini yoghurt
Your new favourite easy mid-week lunch or dinner awaits. Packed full of nutrients, this colourful salad is perfect to prep ahead of time!
Miso Chicken Noodle Jars
Level up your meal prep this summer with these delicious miso chicken noodle jars.
This dish was made to impress. Inspired by a recipe we saw at  restaurant, “Kickin In”, we wanted to recreate a more budget friendly, at home version. 
Mark your calendars - It might just be the biggest film of the year! For all things pink, keep reading on.
Pot Roast Chicken with Sage Oil
Easy to cook and great to share, this whole roast chicken is elevated with a bed of carrots, broccolini, potatoes and garlic, then drizzled in sage oil, to create a masterful dinner meal.
Leather & Faux Fur
The rise in leather and faux fur this AW season.
Chicken Ramen
Learn how to make easy chicken ramen in less than 15 minutes. It’s perfect for speedy weeknight dinners.
Statement Coats
As we gear up for a cold Winter, it’s time to start considering what new additions we might need (or in some
cases what we might just want!) to add to our wardrobes.
Soufflé Jam Omelette
Quick & easy breakfast in bed recipe for your deserving Mum.
Triple Choc Easter Egg Brownies
Transform your leftover Easter eggs into this delectable Triple Choc Brownie.
Ramadan Mubarak
You may have spotted the colourful Ramadan set on Level 1 near JB Hi-Fi which has been built to support
Highpoint’s Ramadan campaign this year. If you haven’t spotted it yet, we encourage you to pay a visit to the
set and explore the facts found on the 8 pointed stars.
Fashion, Harmony
Harmony Week at Highpoint
It is with great excitement that we welcome Harmony Week into Highpoint this week, running from Monday 20th March through till Sunday 26th March with a splash of orange around Highpoint.
Impress your guests this Easter with this delicious combination of rich chocolate cheesecake and mocha cream. Even better, it’s gluten free!
This delicious dessert using everyone's favoruite summer stone fruit, the cherry, is just as impressive as it looks!
Christmas, Food, Recipes
Not your regular Christmas Ham, this super easy variation on everyone's favoruite Christmas day meal is set to become your new go-to recipe!
Sweet and delivious roast pumpkin to brighten up your Christmas spread. 
Christmas, Food, Recipes
Fresh, bity and the perfect side for a summer Christmas feast. Celerate the silly season with the freshest produce of the summer.
Christmas, Food, Recipes
The perfect summer starter - spice up your Christmas celebrations with these bright and fresh prawn brioche rolls!
Fresh Food, Recipes
Rainbow Meats Crowned Victorian Sausage King Winner 2022
Rainbow Meats retail butcher shops have been crowned Victorian Sausage Kings for 2022 at the Australian Meat Industry Council’s (AMIC) Competion Awards night held on Saturday, 12 November 2022. 
Spring racing picnic tips with Archie
The Spring Racing season is all about looking fabulous in fashionable attire, but there’s another key element to an unforgettable race day, and that’s food!
Get race day ready with these 5 style tips from Victoria Latu
Spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing – Melbourne’s show-stopping social event of the season, The Spring Racing Carnival, is almost here!
Add a POP of colour to your wardrobe
This Spring, it's time to wear the Rainbow. Find out why we're going crazy for colour this month! 
Lifestyle, Food, Recipes
Halloween cocktails and drinks to impress
Tasty and terrifying ideas for cocktails, mocktails, potions and brews that can be made for both adults and kids.
Beauty, Fashion, Family
Easy Halloween makeup ideas to try this year
Whether you want to go glam or ghoul, here are some fun and simple ideas to make you stand out this Halloween!
Goodbye Melbourne black, hello spring colour!
Highpoint Stylist, Stuart Walford talks us through 'dopamine dressing' and how to make it work for you this spring! 
Father's Day
Father's Day shopping inspiration
Our favourite stylist and visual merchandiser, Stuart Walford provides his insights and top picks for finding a perfect gift for Dad. 
Latest News
Wear It Purple
Support Wear It Purple Day!
Latest News
The essential items you didn't know you needed till now
Plan ahead with these grocery staples
Father's Day, Gifting, Lifestyle
The best Father's Day card message ideas
We can’t all be wordsmiths, let Dad know how much he means to you with our favorite Father’s Day messages. We’re not crying, you are! 😭
Fresh Food, Recipes
How to make the ultimate Father's Day lunch
What’s better than breakfast in bed for Father’s Day? A blowout BBQ feast with the family. 
 Impress dad with your hosting skills and grilling technique and make his special day that much more tasty. 
Father's Day, Recipes
Archie’s Father’s Day Menu tips
Archie Thompson gives us the lowdown on how to deliver the best Father's Day menu!
Men's, Lifestyle
What to Get Dad This Year - at Any Price Point
Whether your dad is into the latest tech gadgets, or loves to chef it up in the kitchen, there’s an art to buying gifts that they’ll actually love. Keeping them in mind is the first step.
Latest News
Highpoint has a stunning new showpiece
Check out our spectacular water feature!
Latest News
Cancel your plans, we're staying in!
Typo have you covered for all of your Saturday-night-in essentials!
Latest News
Cue has levelled up!
Say hello to Cue's new flagship store
Latest News
Sunday night dinner sorted
Our friends at Rainbow Meats, have the easy dinner recipe right here, just for you:

Lemongrass & Tamarind Beef Stiry-Fry for 4
Latest News
How to curate an impressive Grazing Board
Gourmet Deli House have you covered with making the perfect Grazing Board. It's all about the in-house marinates and personal touch!
Latest News
Refill your Kombucha
Bring your own bottle and refill your Kombucha at Graina.
Latest News
Rainbow Meats' favourite lamb dish
Impress your guests with tihs Vietnamese style lamb mince salad!
Hit Snooze with These Bedroom Winter Warmers
The cold weather keeping you up at night? Create a cocoon of comfort in your bedroom this wintertime with some of our warming home favourites, and finally sleep easy.
Latest News
Doughnut juggernaut lands at Highpoint
Krispy Kreme lovers rejoice!
Lifestyle, Gadgets
Add These Travel Essentials to Your Packing Lists
Packing for a holiday somewhere sunny? Here’s the five items you can’t forget for a fuss-free vacay  📷@cygnett
Beauty, Lifestyle, Health
The Skincare You Need For Glowy Skin this Winter
If your skin is feeling a little sad now it’s winter, we’ve got just the thing. 📷@_raisingfour 
Latest News
Relive all the action from our 10 day festival of beauty, skincare and wellness.
Latest News
Find out what Maria Thattil had to say about beauty, skincare and exuding confidence.
Fresh Food, Recipe, Healthy Living
Fill Your Fridge with This Autumn Produce
An easy way to combat the rising prices of fuel is to be smart when grocery shopping, and shopping for our fruits and veg in a seasonal way is a great place to start. Let us help you make the most of the autumnal produce in your local supermarket.
Lifestyle, Homewares, Hacks
Luxe Home Hacks for Less
Kmart, Big W and Target… They’re the official headquarters of home hacks, stylish decor and affordable luxury.
If your home is in need of an interior design overhaul, our fav department stores give you a chance to try the big trends at a fraction of the cost.
Lifestyle, Homewares, Hacks
Get Your Groove On At Highpoint
Kmart, Big W and Target… They’re the official headquarters of home hacks, stylish decor and affordable luxury.
If your home is in need of an interior design overhaul, our fav department stores give you a chance to try the big trends at a fraction of the cost.
Style Files
Busting for your perfect fit?
We taked all things bra fitting with the experts at Brava.
Show Me The Menu
Level up your Mother's Day breakfast
Is it even Mother’s Day if you don’t have pancakes in bed?!
Show Me The Menu
Avo and toast is a match made in heaven
We may have all been told to stop buying avocado toast if we want to afford a house… but hey, the kids can still make it for mum at home!
Highpoint Local
Dumplings for everyone
Yahweh Asian Grocery show us how to make their HOME MADE dumplings passed down for centuries
Highpoint Local
Get a load of this!
An easy and fun kofta recipe!
Highpoint Local
Easy and quick entertaining option
Our friends at Rainbow Meats have the best premade entertaining options
Latest News, Highpoint Local
Graina's overnight oats
Are you ready for easy deliciousness?
Latest News, Highpoint Local
The best breakfast bowl is inside
Healthy has never been so simple, thanks to Graina
Latest News, Highpoint Local
We've got our eye on the rockyroad!
Healthy has never been so simple, thanks to Graina!
Latest News, Show Me The Menu
Sizzling hot goodness
Enjoy the most unique Japanese dining experience in Melbourne’s West! 
Latest News
Lights, camera, action
We have some exciting plans in the works...
Latest News
Hail the queen
A place to gather your friends and treat yourself!
Latest News, Show Me The Menu
Your chocolate dreams answered
Find out who is bringing chocolatey goodness to Highpoint soon
Highpoint Local
Be a pro at protein
Here's a list of 5 tried and tested plant based protein powders which are packed with natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
Show Me The Menu
When art meets chocolate
Want to give something beautiful this Easter? Look no further.
Style Files, Life Amplified
Active [wear] it anywhere
Fact. You can now wear activewear anywhere.
Style Files, Latest News
The artist collab you didn't know you needed
Cotton On launched a collaboration with inspiring artist Keith Haring
Style Files
Vintage vibes to the bedroom
Introducing you to Bed Bath N Table’s new Autumn collection, linen designed add a playful, vintage feel to your bedroom.
Entertain Me,
If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.
Add these books to your reading list STAT.
Highpoint Local
Cook straight from your phone
One of the biggest things to come out of the last few year is the surge of Tik Tok and the resurgence of home cooking.
Latest News
Baked with love
Chocolate legend, Max Brenner launches their first ever café at Highpoint!
Highpoint Local
Brush up on your brunch
Learn how to make a class Brunch staple
Highpoint Local
Learn how to zest up your mushrooms
Cook a banging vego brunch recipe from our Fresh Food Precinct
Highpoint Local
Graze your eyes on this
Our friends let us in on grazing platter secrets! 
Food, Dining, Inspiration
Freshly baked spiced hot cross buns with a candied peel
Warm, fluffy and fresh out of the oven. Are you drooling yet? Try @shift.nutritions easy to make hot cross buns at home.
Food, Dining, Inspiration
Dark chocolate, pear and hazelnut pudding with vanilla cream
The perfect warm chocolate pudding with just a hint of hazlenut. This is the ultimate chocolate dessert. 
Seasonal salad of rocket, sugared walnuts and figs with a balsamic honey drizzle
Salads don't need to be boring. Complement any main course with this sweet & savoury side salad.
Food, Dining, Inspiration
Twice Roasted Butternut & Sage Gratin with Parmesan
Oooey, gooey cheesy vegetables. This delicious vegetable side will tempt even the fussiest of guests.
Food, Dining, Inspiration
Crispy sea salt roast potatoes with fried rosemary
Is there anything more satisfying that golden roast potatoes? We don't think so. \
Food, Dining, Inspiration
Tender leg of lamb with a rosemary mint crust
Find out the secret to perfectly roasted lamb with a crusty herb crust.
Latest News
A little bit of Coney Island right here
Be the first to experience this venue, exclusive to Highpoint 
Latest News
The artist collab you didn't know you needed
Cotton On launched a collaboration with inspiring artist Keith Haring
Latest News
Find out what all The Hype is about
Want to hear what everyone is raving about? Ok, we have it here.
Latest News
Calling all street food lovers
The newest foodie has arrived
Latest News
Sport legends welcome a brand new store
Rebel has just launched their newest, largest and best RCX store right here
Latest News
Donuts from the car window? Yes really.
Krispy Kreme is coming to serve you
Latest News
Bake it till you make it
Max Brenner is launching their first Cakes By Max concept store right here at Highpoint! 
Latest News
Your new fave lunch taking the world by storm
Highpointers. Let us introduce you to Bbap by Mun Korean.
Latest News
Your new fave lunch taking the world by storm
Highpointers. Let us introduce you to Bbap by Mun Korean.
Latest News
Dine in The Atrium
Head to the newest & lightest dining spot 
Latest News
Outfits you and your boy can share
2022 = no boring outfits thanks to CK.
Latest News
A blend of convenience
Check out not one but two great locations.
Latest News
Want to feel like you're in Tokyo?
Head into Million Life to try your hand at the games taking Japan by storm
Life Amplified, Style Files
Tips to pimp up your Insta reel feed
Get ready for a no-frills vlogging kit for beginners that hits the perfect balance of affordability and quality.
Life Amplified, Entertain Me
The 90’s are having a moment
Whether it’s the fashion or culture references, have you thought about revisiting some of the classics so you can pick up the 90 vibes?
Latest News, Style Files
The secret to the perfect fit
Commonry understands that one fit does not work for all: their range cuts, shapes, and silhouettes let you choose the right fit for how you want to feel.
Show Me The Menu
Ways to make your coffee order more interesting
Here in Melbourne, it’s no secret that we love our coffee but it's time to change it up.
Latest News
Fashion with no rules
Stylish pieces that complement any outfit.
Latest News
Bags that do good for the planet
A new sustainability mission has found its home at Highpoint.