Centre Upgrade 19/20

Highpoint's next evolution
Highpoint Shopping Centre continues with an extensive centre refurbishment aimed at enhancing parts of the centre to refresh the look and feel, improve access and create a better experience for our customers. The works form part of Highpoint’s masterplan to continually evolve the Centre and cement its place as the leading shopping and lifestyle destination in Melbourne’s West.
The creation of new engagement zones will include additional seating pods and greenery to encourage customers to pause, engage and rejuvenate during their Highpoint journey. The refurbishment includes an upgrade to floors, balustrades, ceilings lighting and vertical transport to create a refreshed look and feel throughout sections of the Centre.
Shopping convenience has continued to remain a priority. The majority of the work continues to take place outside of general trading hours and access to after-hours trading precincts (such as Level 1 Dining & Entertainment precinct and Level 3 Fresh Food precinct) will remain unchanged. Customers are welcomed to submit an enquiry to the Customer Service Desk via this contact form should they have any questions regarding the refurbishments.
In the past 18 months key milestones have been achieved such as the installation of the escalators connecting Levels 2 and 3 at Centre Court and the installation of the escalators connecting Levels 1 and 2 near Hoyts.
Upgrades to flooring, column treatments and ceilings continue. We hope you enjoy following the journey.
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