'FRED TRACEY' by gillie and marc - march 2023

Fred Tracey was one of the foremost promoters and pioneers of Sprint car racing in Australia, and contributed much to the Australian speedway during the 1950s. Tracey took on management of the nearby Kirjon Speedway in 1951 renaming it Tracey’s Speedway, located near Highpoint in Maribyrnong Reserve, off Raleigh Road. Under his management and with wife Beryl, the track went on to become one of Australia’s top venues hosting a range of Australian and overseas star performers.

Like all speedways, the track was famous for many memorable moments including an event in 1953 where Tracey was lucky to escape serious injury during the Speedcar Butchers’ Picnic, where a car bounced off the fence at 70mph, and missed Tracey by mere centimetres. 

The main grandstand for the speedway still exists on the edge of the Maribyrnong Reserve, with the Victorian Classic & Vintage Speedway Club hosting an annual Tracey’s Speedway Reunion each year.

Highpoint is proud to present the Fred Tracey commemorative sculpture as part of its Highpoint Art Journey.
Fred Tracey