'Vegetable Hawker' by Cezary Stulgis, 2023

‘Vegetable Hawker’ is a contemporary interpretation of many hardships in which Chinese immigrants assisted in supplying vegetation in times of need. During the early ages of the Western Victorian era, many were attempting their luck at the goldfields; including those of recent Chinese immigration.

As the gold fever outshone other priorities, fruit and vegetables were limited due to minimally established farms. This resulted in scarce produce, hence the Chinese labouring away to produce more vegetation. To embrace the site-specific location in which the vegetable markets of Moonee Ponds once thrived, we celebrate the ‘Vegetable Hawker’ in the present day.

Within the artists’ portrayal of this undermined labourer, Cezary Stulgis commemorate his resilience and strength through his energetic stride. The modernistic hawker supplies fresh fruit and vegetables  in his heavy baskets which he balances against his body. He’s dressed in hip street wear; a sporty bomber, sneakers, tradie pants - a present day outfit that you may have seen yourself in the urban working class of Melbourne.

Highpoint is proud to present 'Vegetable Hawker' as part of its Highpoint Art Journey.